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We're excited to serve you even better at our new location. Stay tuned for our opening date on our Facebook and website.

Best Authentic Vietnamese

Dishes in Kew

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Savor the tastes of Vietnam perfected through generations, right here in our kitchen. Discover why we're the local favorite for authentic Vietnamese dining.


Our Top Dishes

best vietnamese steamed fish in kew

Steamed Fish

Savor the light, aromatic flavors of our Vietnamese Steamed Fish, a classic dish made with the freshest seafood and traditional herbs. Steamed to perfection and infused with ginger and scallions, it's a healthy, mouthwatering delight that embodies the simplicity of Vietnamese cuisine.

best vietnamese calamari

Spicy Calamari

Experience the zest of Vietnam with our Spicy Calamari, a crowd-pleaser for those who love a kick of heat. Freshly caught calamari is tossed in a blend of fiery spices and herbs, capturing the bold flavors of Vietnamese street food. Perfectly crispy and tantalizingly spicy, this dish is a must-try for adventurous palates seeking authentic Southeast Asian seafood.

best vietnamese Crispy Duck

Crispy Duck

Delight in the succulent taste of our Vietnamese Crispy Duck, a beloved specialty that's as rich in flavor as it is in culture. Marinated in a secret blend of Vietnamese spices and slow-roasted until golden, each bite of our crispy duck offers a crunch that gives way to tender, flavorful meat. It's a culinary celebration of Vietnam's vibrant heritage, perfect for those seeking an authentic, indulgent dining experience.

best vietnamese Duck Red Curry

Duck Red Curry

Indulge in the rich, aromatic flavors of our Duck Red Curry, a sumptuous fusion of tender, slow-cooked duck and the fiery warmth of red curry spices. This exquisite dish is a symphony of Thai-inspired flavors, simmered with coconut milk for a creamy finish that perfectly balances heat with sweetness. Each serving is a testament to the art of Vietnamese curry-making, inviting you to explore the depths of Southeast Asian cuisine right at your table.

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